“ Tender is a form of value exchange. It is someone who cares for something and it is how we are when we truly care about it.”

Nina has been fascinated by art and healing ever since she can remember. She followed her father as he did his dr’s rounds in the hospital, and later worked as his assistant, learning as much as she could about digestive and detoxification systems. Nina also followed in her mother’s footsteps as an artist and esthetician, valuing the creativity and depth of the vast field of all things aesthetic. This provided the flexibility to study and weave together many areas of interest pertaining to the body mind spirit complex, highlighting the holistic synergy that can amplify vitality. Under the masterful guidance of the late great Annemarie Camenzind, she graduated in '99 from a naturopathic oriented advanced skincare school and then launched into further clinical training and practice through Virginia Mason Medical Center. 

Seizing the opportunity to bridge the natural with the medical Nina was mission driven to understand whole body health in relation to the science of the skin. She is inspired to offer simple natural alternatives to big pharma and the modern beauty industry, while achieving sustainable results in a more gentle way. Through years of self guided studies and training with skilled teachers, she has mastered her own unique style, weaving in many healing modalities. Nina has turned her cutting edge research into offerings that meet each person where they are. She has created an arc of customized care, and a journey into whole-being wellness.  

As a visionary h’artist, she spends much time in the contemplation of “true Beauty” as an emanation of vitality. How it shows up all around her and how she can contribute to it to further benefit others. She is passionate about creating transformational experiences for individuals and groups and galvanizing intentional spaces as a form of sacred activism. She is the founder of DreamDance events in Seattle, co producer of Watersines; a series of multimedia ceremonial productions at St Mark’s cathedral and is continuing her activism by working on the L.O.T.I. project. 

Now semi retired as an event producer in the city, she has moved to the epic beauty of the Columbia Gorge and has started her practice in White Salmon Wa. She has also started Happy Healthy Home with her husband. A design and build company focusing on healthy sustainable options. She is enjoying the fresh air, a slower pace, a vibrant community and the opportunity to pursue her passions for, art, research, sustainable and healthy living, and the great outdoors. 

She chose the name Tender for her practice in White Salmon to reflect the gentle nature and way of those who take care of things. Hers is a loving, mindful and aware approach to self, others and the planet.


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“Wow.  That was truly one of the best experiences I've ever had…My experience was sublime ...and I could not recommend someone more highly than I do Nina” …L.L.

“Nina's facials are not just facials. The moment I entered her beautiful space I had a sense of the incredibly nurturing experience I was about to have. Not only did I feel thoroughly pampered physically, I felt as if I were being cleansed energetically and grounded emotionally through her gentle touch. Nina's services extend far beyond those of an ordinary esthetician and go far deeper than the skin. Below the surface is an amazing experience of rejuvenation at all levels which lasted me for weeks afterward. I highly recommend her and am now a great fan and returning client!”…X.H.

“It's hard to find the words to express what a sublime experience a session with Nina is. Yes, I walk out with my skin glowing, and Nina's instructions on skin care help my skin stay that way, but that's only a fraction of the story. Every moment you spend with Nina is rife with positive energy, and through every phase of the treatment there's an constant sense of expansion and relaxation, rooted in the internal knowledge that everything she's doing is greater than the sum of its parts… but none of them approach a description of how marvelous you feel when walking out of her door…Go see Nina. You'll discover a part of your life you never knew you were missing”….C.W.

“Over the years I have had many facials. Each time that I spend with Nina is not only amazing for my skin but so nurturing to my soul. When I leave my skin is glowing as is my heart. My time on the table is self-care taken to the max. The attention, care and presence allows me to leave feeling rejuvenated on so many levels. I can't recommend Nina highly enough - for the body, for the mind and for the spirit”…L.N.

“…I am a facial connoisseur, and never, ever before Nina had I had such a thorough facial. Exfoliation, extraction, hydration, massage - Nina tailors every appointment to the current status of my skin. When I began seeing Nina I'd struggled with acne and chronic dry skin - Nina tutored me over the years on how to ween my skin from the array of toxic products I was routinely stripping my face with…Her care is holistic; she has insight on nutrition, exercise, and mindful practice that have for realz, changed my life. When I come in, I might be in a swirl with the weight of the world, but when I leave - I've got a borrowed stillness that revitalizes me. Also, try special additions like light therapy and micro-current treatments”…N.B.

“Throughout my life, I have experienced several modalities of healing.  Nina's incredible presence, pure organic products and her wise metaphysical knowledge made my experience incredible.  Truly, I have never experienced such a wholistic, thoughtful treasure as Nina” ….D.S.

“Nina is a metaphysically in~tune skin and soul care goddess who I have been seeing for more than a decade in Seattle. Back then a friend gifted me a session. The best gift ever for my skin.  Because she is spending more time in the Hood River area and you can actually get an appointment with her there I advise that you do.  She gives the best facials and she is so wise you won't regret it”….S.A.

“…I have never been able to go to anyone else, despite not living very close to Seattle, because she is just that good.  A session with Nina is a chance to not only improve the health of my face, but also enjoy her pure positivity.  I always feel refreshed, beautiful, and excited leaving her studio… She knows so much about skin, from products to diet to daily habits which help a lot.  My only warning is that if you go to her, you will never want to go anywhere else!”….J.H.

“I highly recommend Nina's skin care services! She is truly amazing. She is extremely knowledgeable of all things related to skin care and she is excellent at giving individualized recommendations based on each person's needs. My skin used to constantly be red and dry, but after following Nina's recommendations on a daily routine and which skin care products to use, including some all natural ingredients such as honey and rose water, my skin is now healthy and well balanced.  Nina is so pleasant to be around and I 100% agree with the other review that said she is nurturing to the soul. I leave each session feeling relaxed and rejuvenated”…D.M.

“I have had several other facials but never one as amazing as the one Nina gave me the other day. She is very knowledgeable and not only gave me a fabulous treatment catered to my specific needs but instructed me on how to take care of my skin at home. The treatment included extensive massage and an attention to detail not often seen. I also really appreciated her use of simple and high quality ingredients. I can't wait to go back! Couldn't stop smiling the whole day”…S.H.

“As a mother of a teen daughter, I am so grateful to have a professional in our skin care corner! For years I struggled with giving my daughter advice about her acne and listening to her frustration with it. I didn't want her to use any toxic chemicals and she just wanted it gone.  Now, thanx to Nina, my daughter has a solid skin care regime (without any chemicals). And, she knows that she has help with problem areas when they arise. She looks forward to her facial appointments and she just glows afterwards. Her smile and excitement at working towards acne free skin (and seeing results), are priceless!” …J.B.

“I highly recommend Tender Wellness. Nina has a comforting, gentle way with her clients. The light therapy she provided for my back injury greatly reduce the nerve  pain and helped my healing by leaps and bounds”…T.A.