“True Beauty is radiance of inner light, the fortitude of one’s personal compass and the positive traces we leave behind”

holistic skincare and vitality therapy

Naturopathically oriented therapeutic skin care. Specializing in skin ecology, vitality therapy, facial cranial tension relief massage, stress reduction, lymphatic drainage, acne remediation, scar work, teen care, healthy rejuvenation, and holistic wellness coaching.

happy healthy home

As an extension of our bodies, the spaces we inhabit and the greater eco systems surrounding us are powerful contributors to our overall wellbeing. The art of placement, material selection, natural building, as well as health furthering earth benefitting day to day home care product options can go a long ways to restoring the body mind and spirit to a high state of vitality.

transformational events

Dynamic meditation, sonic journeys and intentional space creation…..events honoring the Spark of Life and the Flames of Inspiration. Our h’artistry as prayerful reality creation.